Grad Students


Here are brief descriptions of my grad students, previous and current.  My students are mostly enrolled in the Wildlife Ecology M.S. and Population and Conservation Biology M.S. programs. Students come from various places and backgrounds (typically about half are from Texas). 


The most recent graduates are John Muller (M.S., Wildlife Ecology, August 2015) and Suzanne Whitney (Ph.D., Aquatic Resources, December 2015).

Previous graduates are Bindu Viswanathan (M.S., PCB, 2010), Erin Feichtinger (M.S., Wildlife Ecology, 2012), Doug Phillips (M.S., Wildlife Ecology, 2012), Katherine Cummings (M.S., Biology, 2013), Matt Haverland (M.S., Wildlife Ecology, 2014), and Stephanie Miller (M.S., PCB, 2014).